Camera Studio is a photography studio located in the center of Madrid. The project involves the restoration of three warehouses of 400 sqm joined together. Two of the warehouses are independent photography studios, each of them with its diorama, kitchenette, dressing room, bathrooms, etc.

The access from the street and to the two studios is through the third warehouse. This warehouse required the most complex program. The space needed to work as an entry hall, waiting area, offices for 8 people, storage space, bathroom and all of it maintaining car and truck access to the two studios.

The entry warehouse is solved with two shipping containers placed freely on the warehouse. The more intimate space created in between the containers becomes a lounge for models and photographers to rest while inside the containers we can find a storage space, a bathroom and stairs to access the office in the mezzanine. On top of the containers a light and glazed platform is build to house the offices for photo editing and administration.

It was important to maintain the attractive industrial look of the warehouses and for this reason a simple palette of basic materials has been used for the three warehouses: concrete floors, simple restoration of the existing steel structure, recovery of some existing brick walls and separating the studios large industrial sliding doors fabricated with old pieces of wood and welded steel.

OHLAB Team: Paloma Hernaiz, Jaime Oliver, Walter Brandt, Sergio Rivero de Cáceres
Construction management: Paloma Hernaiz, Jaime Oliver
Structure: Alberto Sánchez


FRAME. December 2012