Alagoas, Brasil

“Unlike other retreats, Duas Barras will be fully connected to the outside world. Yet all elements will be designed and curated to edit out the clutter and irritations of daily life –and avoid the kitsch fripperies and prissy design of conventional resorts. It will offer “remove”, a place where one is offered time and space to regenerate and experience intellectual stimulation, an enclave to restore clarity, direction and purpose. Architecture will enter not as a signature, nor as a superimposition of heavy-handed form but in a “weakened state”. The design of service, programmatic and relational structures will be seen as primary and extensive. Lush landscaping will become the primary constructed environment, a connective tissue through which points of intensity and a fabric of open structures are woven. A hotel by Oscar Niemeyer will stand as the only signature, per se, but one which eschews the trend for fashion and branding through its historical and local resonance within Brazilian and modernist history”
Winkreative, Introduction to Duas barras

Concept and strategic approach to develop a master plan comprising 40 villas, a hotel and other facilities. The goal is to create a unique concept for a new type of resort development. The impressive site is a 200 ha sugar cane farm bordering the ocean located on the northeast coast of Brazil: sandy aquamarine beachfront, coconut groves, cliffs, elevated sugar cane fields and the Posim River, bordering the south limit of the site define the characteristics of the place.

Equipo OHLAB: Winkreative, Tina diCarlo, OHLAB, Markus Miessen, Field Operations


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